Staff Information

Tyler Ogden, President and Owner

Derek Wright, Vice President

Having been with Intermountain Construction since 1987, Derek came to Intermountain with previous construction experience and an engineering degree from M.I.T. Derek worked as a Superintendent in the field for several years and knows construction from the ground up. Derek’s projects have been primarily with the Federal Government and on those projects that would most benefit from Derek’s technical expertise and organization.

Larry Taylor, Controller

Educated in accounting with a Bachelor’s Degree and then an M.B.A, Larry has been a part of construction companies since 1984 and been Controller for most of that time. Larry joined Intermountain Construction in 1999, and as an officer of the company, assisted Tyler and Derek in building Intermountain to its present status in the construction community.

Project Management

While occasionally helping each other with any given project, either Tyler or Derek is assigned to every project as the “Principal in Charge”. Tyler and Derek are also the Project Manager on some projects, but Intermountain Construction employs several project managers with a proven record of success. Some with a college degree in Construction Management, all with experience working on multiple Intermountain projects, our Project Managers are well trained in the mission, philosophy, and exceptional standards set by Intermountain’s principals.


Several of our superintendents were hired by Intermountain Construction over 20 years ago. Their wisdom and experience is invaluable, not only in constructing projects to our high standards, but also in training a younger group of superintendents and assistant superintendents for the years ahead.