Intermountain Construction offers a variety of services to clients, the selection of which depends upon the particular needs of the project and the client. A few of our services include:


Intermountain Construction delivers, project after project, superior schedule performance. Not only are fast track projects constructed in very short time frames, but schedule is a focus on all our projects. We are very sensitive to those projects where “time is money”. As soon as we are selected for a project, we start constructing a critical path method (CPM) schedule using proven scheduling techniques and software. If selected early in the process, we include all design and procurement in that schedule, an important tool in managing the A/E efforts, as well as subsequent construction.


Intermountain Construction built its reputation by delivering superior quality. With the passage of time, an Owner may forget many aspects of a project, but the quality remains an everyday reminder for years after the project is finished.

Design Assist

Intermountain Construction prides itself in being able to work with Architects and Engineers throughout the project. Quite often, the design benefits from input and review by the builders, and the contractor always benefits from the help of the A/E. If selected early in the process, constructability reviews by Intermountain Construction result in cost savings, schedule improvement, and superior quality.

Budget Control

Because Intermountain Construction is involved building projects every day, we are always updated as to current pricing of materials and labor. We construct costs estimates as soon as drawings are available, no matter how preliminary. Those estimates are then updated as design progresses, giving the designer and the Owner the information needed to contribute to budget control. Competitive bidding by suppliers and subcontractors is critical to budget control which Intermountain Construction uses to full advantage of the Owner. Subcontractor and supplier interest is developed as soon as practical. Management of design and management of onsite construction are key to limiting change orders.

There are many project delivery methods from which to choose, with advantages and disadvantages to each. We help the Owner select that method which best fits their needs.

General Contractor using design/bid/build delivery method

If the design is complete, for the most part, before any portion of the project is put out to bid, this method may be appropriate. All pricing is complete and subcontracts/purchase orders are awarded before construction starts. Although Intermountain Construction can contribute preconstruction services during the design phase, it is not necessary. Our main contribution with this method is managing procurement and construction after design is complete. We get the job built.

Construction Manager

If selected early in design, this delivery method offers the full range and benefit of services offered by Intermountain Construction. If the Owner chooses, we can help the Architect schedule and manage the project through evaluation of Owner’s program/budget, in depth consultation (site use, site improvements, selection of materials, building systems and equipment, mitigation of material or labor shortages, alternative designs or materials, time requirements, phased construction, management of long lead procurement, etc.) design assist, engineering services, constructability reviews, progressive cost estimates, development of cost control system, preliminary/progressive schedules, permitting, and various support services. These preconstruction services are then meshed with early procurement, early start of select trades, full scheduling, and into full construction through completion.

Fast Track

When it is prudent, for time considerations, to proceed with design and construction concurrently, Intermountain Construction can construct, and has constructed, some outstanding buildings in astoundingly short time frames. We work closely with the designers to prioritize design and help manage the process. This process is the most dramatic example of where Intermountain Construction excels way beyond its competition. We have mastered the techniques to fast track, including budget control. Our in-house discipline of breaking down the overall drawings of a project in an effort of time and resource loading is supreme within the industry.


Working from early concepts of the project (or at any stage of early design), and/or with performance/function criteria, and with a budget or fixed price constraint, Intermountain Construction takes complete control of the project: hiring architects and engineers, guiding design, managing all construction through completion of the project, giving the project to the Owner with turn-key results. This format is best used when function and price are the most important considerations.

From the very beginning of the relationship, we work with individual Owners and Architects to design the process (or mix of processes) that best meet the needs of the individual project.