Mission & Philosophy

Our mission is to build a relationship per the wants and needs of the Owners and Architects, visualizing all aspects, insight, costs, and a myriad of options to achieve the ultimate goal.

Not every project fits our talents. We tend to be selective as we evaluate the potential for a mutually beneficial fit and positive working relationship for all parties. We strive not only to build projects, but also to build ongoing relationships based on hard work and a commitment to excellence.

Collaboration has been the key to our success in building outstanding projects. We work to build a team starting with the Owner and the A/E and continuing to every subcontractor on the project. We successfully cultivate the collaboration so that every team member is invested in the success of every other team member. How do we do it? The secret formula is integrated into the management approach of every one of our personnel. We need only the opportunity to show you, as we have shown our past and repeated clients.

Quality control is the job of every Intermountain employee, without exception. We hold everyone to the highest standards throughout the project, consistent with the budget and materials selected by the Owner and the A/E.

Our projects are also schedule driven. With direction from the Owner, we hold to the principle “time is money”. We make it happen.

And perhaps most importantly, the Owner must get value from the project. A project that does not provide budget control to meet the goals of the Owner, no matter how stunning, does not make the next project feasible. The Owner’s profit goals, no matter the form or shape, must be met.

Last but not least, we must mention safety. No matter the incentives to do otherwise, we will not sacrifice the health and safety of anyone associated with, or affected by, the project, whether it be employees, the public, or anyone else.